Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm down to six teams... that the quarterfinals are over.  

Lincoln-Way East, Bolingbrook, Wheaton Warrenville South and Sycamore all went down to defeat on Saturday. The only new team I saw, Rockford Lutheran, also fell. And after this coming week, at least two of my remaining six teams will be gone: Stevenson travels to Glenbard West while Mount Carmel hosts Providence. (Gee, I wonder what my two Games of the Week will be?)

I've seen 22 teams in all this year, and 17 games in 12 weeks. I think I can squeeze in two more.

On to the rankings:


1. Stevenson (12-0)
2. Glenbard West (12-0)
3. Providence (11-1)
4. Loyola (9-3)
5. Peoria Notre Dame (12-0)
6. Nazareth (12-0)

Chicago Tribune

1. Stevenson (12-0)
2. Glenbard West (12-0)
3. Cary-Grove (12-0)
4. Providence (11-1)
5. Nazareth (12-0)
6. Simeon (11-1)


1. Stevenson (12-0)
2. Glenbard West (12-0)
3. Cary-Grove (12-0)
4. Nazareth (12-0)
5. Providence (11-1)
6. Simeon (11-1)


1. Providence (11-1)

I'm going to stick with the Celtics as my No. 1 team for at least one more week. I'll also say that Caravan Man (above) -- who only shows up when the game is on ice -- doesn't make an appearance this Saturday as Mount Carmel's Cinderella season comes to a screeching halt. (Now there's something I never thought I'd write -- using "Mount Carmel" and "Cinderella season" in the same sentence.)

I'll go one step further and say Provi takes Cary-Grove in the finals.

2. Stevenson (12-0)

If I can swing it, I'd really, REALLY like to see the Patriots play Glenbard West. Unlike Providence - Mount Carmel, these guys haven't met this year, if ever (and you can be sure I'll check on that). And I have absolutely no idea who would win. But Duchon Field in Glen Ellyn -- unlike Gately Park -- isn't that big, so if I go I'll have to arrive early. And if it's crazy cold, well, I'm just not sure I'll want to do that. Besides, a back-to-back doubleheader at Gately featuring Providence - Mount Carmel at noon followed by Coal City - Phillips at 3:45 might be just too good to pass up. Stay tuned.

3. Glenbard West (12-0) 

The winner of the Stevenson - Glenbard West game should take the whole enchilada in 8A.

4. Mount Carmel (8-4)

See above. The winner of the Providence - Mount Carmel game should win the 7A crown.

5. Nazareth (12-0)

Are these guys going to finish undefeated and 6A champs? No. 6-seed St. Francis, at 7-2 during the regular season, has been overlooked, kind of like Libertyville in 7A and Simeon in 8A. But I just don't see the Spartans beating the Roadrunners. The LaGrange squad is destined to meet up with another No. 1 seed in Champaign, either Lemont or Peoria Notre Dame.

6. Phillips (11-1) 

Once again, the Wildcats finished on top this week. No matter which game I go to first I'm almost sure I'll be at that 3:45 Coal City - Phillips kickoff at Gately. I don't know a thing about Coal City (I just like saying "Coal City") but can't wait to read up on the Coalers. It'll have to be my last game of the year; I just can't see sticking around for the Homewood-Flossmoor - Simeon game at 7:00 on my anniversary. Just wouldn't wash, as the Brits would say. But that's okay; it will be a perfect ending to a great season for me. 

And then, of course, there are the finals on TV Thanksgiving weekend.

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