Friday, June 7, 2013

You know you're getting old...

...when you see an ad on page three of the New York Times:

Florsheim Men's No String wingtip. $100.

and you think to yourself, huh?

Why would I want to buy a pair of tie shoes without the shoelaces you use to tie them?

The Florsheim Web site has this description (my emphasis):

The No String Wing is just that ... This classic wing tip shoe with brogue detailing features either a smooth leather or suede upper with an elastic gored tongue. While laces are included, style has come full circle with this laceless casual shoe.

"While laces are included"

So, in other words, it's just Florsheim's standard wingtip with the laces taken out (but still in the box somewhere). Isn't that how they normally sell them?

" has come full circle"

Really? So people used to wear wingtips without the laces? And now they've rediscovered that timeless look? How come I don't remember ever seeing anyone wear wingtips without the laces before? Have I just led a sheltered life? (Or was it never in style in the first place?)

How long do you give this new "no string" style? A week? A day?

I have a suggestion for anyone who's considering buying these shoes: just wear the laces like you're supposed to and make your fashion statement in some other way.

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