Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If the front-runners for 2016...

...are indeed Hillary Clinton and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, then this can't be good news for the GOP (my emphasis):

But when it comes to the prospects for the presidential race in 2016, Rubio’s hispanic heritage still does not give him the edge with Florida Hispanics over Clinton. Hispanics support the Democrat over Rubio in Florida 58 to 35 percent and 52 to 36 percent over Florida’s other favorite Republican son, Jeb Bush.

The poll shows that Clinton would defeat Bush 50-43 to the trial match-up and best Rubio 53-41 -- with Clinton leading both Republicans among crucial independent voters. Clinton, 65, ran an unsuccessful bid for president in 2008 and hasn't ruled out running again in 2016. Rubio, elected to the Senate in 2010, is widely viewed to be a more likely candidate for a presidential run than Bush.

I know it's early, but that's all the more reason for the Republicans to nominate some modern-day Barry Goldwater like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. If you're not going to win, you might as well run some nutty ideologue.

And that would then clear the way for Jeb Bush or Chris Christie in 2020.

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