Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My son just got back...

...from his first trip to San Francisco, and, like everyone else I've ever known, raved over it. (I was a little worried that I had built it up too much. Impossible.)

As he and I were trying to decide if San Francisco was just the coolest city in America, or the coolest city in the world, I thought of the jerseys the Warriors used to wear in the 1960s. Rather than say "San Francisco," "San Fran," "Frisco" (which apparently the locals hate), or even "City by the Bay," they said simply "The City."

And that reminded me of a history class I took in college. We were studying the Roman Empire and the city of Constantinople. The Turks called it "Istanbul," which means "to the city." Which city? The city: the only one of any consequence.

And that's why I think those old jerseys were so appropriate. San Francisco is The City.

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