Saturday, June 15, 2013

I've been telling my son...

...for some time now that if the Washington Post ever erected a "paywall," I'd gladly subscribe if for no other reason than to keep reading the blogs of Chris Cillizza and Ezra Klein, above. Cillizza writes The Fix, about politics, and Klein writes Wonkblog, about "economic and domestic policy, and lots of it."

These two, along with Andrew Sullivan's The Dish, a general interest blog, and Paul Krugman's "The Conscience of a Liberal," about economics, are four of my go-tos every day. (I miss David Frum's blog at the Daily Beast, which he discontinued recently.)

I can't say this strongly enough: Cillizza and Klein write two of the very best blogs I've ever read. If you're a political junkie, like me, The Fix is absolute catnip. This guy covers it all. And, as for Wonkblog, I've learned a great deal about policy (especially health care reform) in the last four years or so that I've been reading it. (If there's anything better out there -- please! -- tell me.)

So the Post finally erected that paywall I had been anticipating for some time now. And yet ... I'm reluctant to sign on. Why? Well, I already have a subscription to The New York Times and The Dish. How many of these things am I supposed to pay for? (This is why we had a limited number of magazine and newspaper subscriptions in the pre-digital age.) Also, there's RealClearPolitics and Twitter, which direct me to pieces I wouldn't otherwise have read.

Will I keep this up? Can I live without The Fix or Wonkblog? I doubt it. (They're that good.) But I'm going to see how it goes for a while. I'll keep you posted.

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