Thursday, June 13, 2013

So the "Wandering Five,"... Edgy Tim calls them, are joining the Catholic League for football in 2014. Mr. O'Halloran likes the idea, and I can't say that I disagree. In fact, I wrote a post on the subject about a month ago.

So it's settled then, right? Right.

But, since we have five minutes or so to daydream before another hectic day begins, what if -- what if -- the Wandering Five had joined the East Suburban Catholic Conference instead? I could imagine a configuration  something like this:

North Division

Notre Dame
St. Patrick
St. Viator
Marian Central
St. Francis

South Division

Marian Catholic
Joliet Catholic
Aurora Christian

Now, I know what you're thinking: St. Francis and Montini in the North Division? Have you ever looked at a map of the Chicago area?

And the answer is, yes I have. But, as even Edgy Tim would concede, geography doesn't always cooperate:

I would not look forward to the Aurora Christian to De La Salle commute on a Friday night, and vice versa.

But St. Francis and Montini are already used to driving all the way up to Marian Central in Woodstock, for crying out loud. A trip to Carmel or St. Viator would be like walking across the street in comparison.

What about rivalries? Edgy Tim makes a good point about an instant one being created between Montini and Fenwick. (And maybe St. Francis and Fenwick?) Fair enough. But what about Marian Central and Carmel? Or Benet and Marmion? Or Benet and Aurora Christian? And how great would it be to see Montini play crossover games against the likes of Benet, Marist and Joliet Catholic? (No more need for brutal non-conference opponents like Maine South.)

But, really, Edgy Tim is right: the Wandering Five can't go wrong in joining the big, bad Catholic League. But, still, what if?

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Ed Crotty said...

I think the ESCC would have been better. Change "North" and "South" to some random colors and your geography problem goes away. Splitting by enrollment instead of geography works too.