Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When we were first married, I...

...dragged my wife to a Grateful Dead concert at what used to be called the Rosemont Horizon. (If you never made it to see the Dead -- oh, well -- there's still Phish.)

Anyway, as anyone who ever went would tell you, the crowd at a Dead concert was as entertaining as the actual show. Among others in the parking lot that night was a guy who resembled the gentleman in the picture above. He was barefoot and looked like he'd taken one too many acid trips. The poor guy didn't have a ticket for the show, but hope sprang eternal! As the crowd filed past him, he just kept repeating over and over to no one in particular, "Who's got my Jerry Garcia miracle ticket?" (Don't ask me why, but I'll bet he made it into the show.)

I'm reminded of all this by a piece in the Chicago Tribune yesterday by sportswriter Mike Helfgot. No. 2 Whitney Young (26-3) faces off against No. 9 Curie (19-7) tonight in a classic at Argo High School in Summit. Helfgot writes:

If you like basketball and haven't seen Young's Jahlil Okafor and Curie's Cliff Alexander play, shame on you.

And he's right. But as I noted yesterday, Argo is a small venue and tickets will be scarce.

Today Helfgot writes (my emphasis):

My last blog entry previewed this game in detail and, spoiler alert, much of the analyses centered around the centers — Young's Jahlil Okafor and Curie's Cliff Alexander. This should attract throngs of casual fans, so get there early. In a few years you'll be bragging that you were there the night two NBA lottery picks went toe-to-toe with the season on the line. Both behemoths have considerable help. Guards Joseph Stamps, Marcellis Davis and Demarcus Richardson were outstanding in the second half of Curie's 77-62 victory over Bogan in the regional final, and they'll have to be again. But even if Alexander manages to neutralize Okafor, I don't know if the rest of the Condors have the size and strength to handle Young's forwards — 6-9 Paul White and 6-4 L.J. Peak.

Helfgot's pick: Young 68, Curie 67

Sounds like a heck of a game, doesn't it? Too bad I won't be there.

Come on, Mike Helfgot, where's my Jahlil Okafor-Cliff Alexander miracle ticket?

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