Saturday, March 2, 2013

A serious post.

Do you have problems? I know I do. But it may be time for me to count my blessings.

This morning, I had breakfast with a friend whose wife may have leukemia. This is after finding out that another friend's wife has breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy in January and is now in the process of eighteen weeks of chemotherapy. And that's after finding out that a third friend of mine's wife has ovarian cancer. She had a hysterectomy last fall and completed her chemo about a month ago. My friend says she is doing well, but ovarian cancer is particularly serious.

My heart goes out to each of these couples. They are all some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Someone once told me that if a group of people got together and spoke of their various problems, everyone would walk away choosing to keep their own. I can believe it.

I'm not a religious man, but the universe has blessed me in so many ways. And it just may be time to count each and every one of those blessings very carefully.

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