Thursday, March 14, 2013

John Quinn is out... Fenwick's basketball coach after 28 years, according to an article in the Sun-Times (my emphasis):

Quinn's first season was in 1985-86. He led the Friars to the state tournament in 1998 with Corey Maggette, who currently plays forward for the Detroit Pistons.  Fenwick finished 28-3 and set a school-record for wins in a season. Fenwick went 16-9 in Quinn's first season after he took over for Will Rey, the current coach at Northridge. Fenwick's first coach, the legendary Tony Lawless, owns the second longest tenure at the school of 16 years from 1933-48, according to records.

Lawless also coached my father, who was all-conference in the 1936-37 season. (I did not inherit my dad's basketball skills, only his penchant for attending high school games.)

And I didn't know that Quinn "is the brother of Gov. Pat Quinn, who makes occasional appearances at Fenwick games."

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