Sunday, March 17, 2013

Remember Poppie from...

..."The Couch" episode of Seinfeld? (I couldn't find it on YouTube. This is the best I could do.) He's played by Reni Santoni, above, and owns a restaurant. Poppie's a great character. From the second scene, in Jerry's apartment:

KRAMER: That was in the past, Jerry. As it happens, New York Magazine just judged his kitchen to be one of the cleanest in the city. They got a duck there, you think you died and went to heaven.

ELAINE: Ooh! I love duck. C'mon, c'mon!

KRAMER: Yeah, but you gotta order it two days in advance. (To Jerry) You know, I'm gonna call him, I'm gonna order the duck for you.

JERRY: Oh, Kramer, I -

Later, Jerry takes Elaine to Poppie's restaurant:

POPPIE: Hello! Jerry, so good to see you again! (Puts his hand out.)

JERRY (clearly creeped out by having to shake Poppie's hand): Hello, Poppie. This is Elaine.

ELAINE: Nice to meet you, Poppie.

POPPIE: Let me show you to your table. (Leads Jerry and Elaine to the table.) Your duck is cooking as we speak. It is so succulent!


JERRY: Well, perhaps we should inquire. Poppie! Oh, Poppie. Could I have a word? (Poppie comes over.)

POPPIE: Yes, Jerry. I just checked your is more succulent than even I had hoped.

Why do I bring this up? Because the corned beef I made tonight was-a so succulent, it was-a so succulent. In fact, it was a-more succulent than even I had-a hoped!

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