Wednesday, February 27, 2013

John Merwin, who wrote, fished...

...and wrote about fishing, died at age 66. Merwin wrote prolifically -- and I mean, prolifically -- about fishing:

By the late ’70s he had founded Rod & Reel magazine, which later became Fly Rod & Reel. He also started Fly Tackle Dealer, the industry’s first trade magazine. He joined Field & Stream in 1994 and became its fishing editor in 2003. He retired from that position in 2010 but continued to write articles and blog posts.

Mr. Merwin wrote many critically praised books, including “Stillwater Trout” and “Fly Fishing: A Trailside Guide.” In 1994, he wrote “The New American Trout Fishing,” which many outdoors writers consider a classic.

Wow. How much can a person write about hassling sea-dwelling non-tetrapod craniates?

Seriously, how do you suppose Mr. Merwin got his start? It says in his obit that he "studied fisheries management at the University of Michigan." Really? They have a fisheries management major at Michigan?

The obit doesn't say anything about Mr. Merwin playing on the football team.

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