Thursday, February 28, 2013

I finally found my game...

...last night, or should I say games. Notre Dame beat Von Steuben, 67-42, in the first of a double-header in Glenview, and Foreman narrowly defeated Glenbrook South, 49-46, in the nightcap.

Foreman, as you may or may not know, is the alma mater of not just Peter Francis Geraci, above, but also Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois.

(By the way, is it really necessary for Mr. Geraci to always mention his middle name, Francis? Is that to distinguish him from all the other Peter Geracis in the world?

"Peter Francis Geraci? Oh, sorry, I'm looking for Peter Aloysius Geraci.")

Anyway, it's not easy to find a good game in the opening rounds of the playoffs, and most of last night's contests were lopsided. After poring over the IHSA schedule (for way too long), I finally decided on a twin-bill just four miles from my house.

Everyone expected the No. 2-seeded Dons to handle Von Steuben fairly easily, but I thought (hoped?) that the No. 10 Titans might pull off an upset over the No. 7 Hornets in their own gym. A brief look at each team's schedule only reinforced my hunch.

But, alas, it was not to be. Even though GBS came within one point late in the game, they never really led (to my recollection) and Foreman ended up sealing the deal with a couple of free throws in the final seconds.

The Hornets will now go on to play Notre Dame in the Regional Finals at GBS on Friday. But look for the Niles squad to prevail and advance to take on either New Trier or St. Patrick next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I'll be at No. 8 Glenbrook North vs. No. 9 Niles West tonight at Maine South. That way, after watching No. 4 Niles North at No. 5 Loyola tomorrow night, I will have seen all the remaining teams in the Northbrook Sectional. The finals will be next Friday.
Foreman 49, Glenbrook South 46

#12 Notre Dame 67, Von Steuben 42 - See more at:,0,3834610.htmlstory#sthash.ihhcSdgA.dpuf

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