Friday, February 8, 2013

Ezra Klein likes to link... old songs in his daily Wonkbook (which, by the way, you should absolutely be reading). I get a little depressed (not the right word, but let's go with it) sometimes, however, as the Washington Post blogger, who was born in 1984, links to songs from over forty years ago, when I was in grammar school.

Take this morning's link, for example, to Carole King's No. 1 hit from 1971, "It's Too Late." That's thirteen years before Klein was even born -- and I was in seventh grade at St. Rose of Lima parish school!

Oh well, it's still a great tune. But I prefer the live version above to the studio one that Klein linked to. Unlike Ezra, I've probably heard it too many times. This one is really good!

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