Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Everyone is talking about...

...the Republican Party these days and how they can return to relevance. Bobby Jindal says the GOP has to "stop being the stupid party," Karl Rove wants them to nominate more electable candidates, and Eric Cantor spoke yesterday about "what lies beyond those fiscal debates."

It seems that everyone in the GOP just wants to "re-brand" the party and/or "improve its messaging."

But I think Andrew Sullivan hit the nail on the head in a post yesterday about gerrymandering (my emphasis):

The Republicans are ... effectively a religious organization founded on unalterable doctrines, and not a sane political party ...

And it's true. Whether they're talking about social, or economic, or foreign policy issues it's always an article of faith with Republicans. Abortion or same-sex marriage? Bad, in any and all cases. Tax and spending cuts (except defense)? Good, always and forever, regardless of the circumstances. America's place in the world? We're the Greatest Country Ever, because ... we say so, that's why.

In other words, we believe what we believe because we believe it.

So how do you reason with a base like that? And how do you nominate moderate candidates who can actually win elections? You can't and you won't.

And that's why I think the GOP is in much bigger trouble than almost anyone realizes. They're stuck in ideological and religious straitjackets of their own making. And, unlike Houdini, I don't see how they get out.

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Ed Crotty said...

Dogmatic : characterized by or given to the expression of opinions very strongly or positively as if they were facts.

The Republicans are dogmatic. Each of their positions is an article of faith, and questioning them is heresy.

But there is no place for Dogma in a same political dialog. Everything should be a choice, weighing the good and the bad. Politics is how we make those choices as a society. When one side will not compromise at all because of Dogma, politics breaks down.