Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just a few final thoughts... a postscript to my weekend of football:

* First of all, you can't beat Choo Choo Johnny's in Frankfort for a pre-game dinner. The restaurant is conveniently located just beyond the Lincoln-Way East stadium, and they bring your food to you on a model train. Awesome!

* Aside from Friday night's contest between Neuqua Valley and Bolingbrook, the games I attended this weekend weren't all that great. Waubonsie and Lincoln-Way East dominated their opponents much more than the scores would indicate. And the Griffins - Celtics game was one of the most penalty-strewn I can remember. Come on, guys!

* During last night's game one of the Lincoln-Way defenders tackled a Providence ball carrier in such a way as to elicit the comment from a guy not too far from me: "Hey, that's a Catholic League hit!" I'm not sure if he was being sarcastic or not, but it's almost axiomatic among some fans in Illinois that Catholic League kids hit harder than their counterparts in other conferences. (Yeah, and the DuPage Valley is the best. Or is it the West Suburban Silver? Yadda, yadda, yadda.)

* I just found out that two of the best running backs in the state, Joey Rhattigan of Neuqua and Austin Guido of Waubonsie, played in the same backfield in middle school and are best friends off the field. Cool!

* I also can't believe I'm going to miss the rematch this weekend between Neuqua and Waubonsie (I'll be traveling) after having  missed their first meeting in Week Seven. (The universe does not want me to see these two teams play.)

* Oak Park River Forest's field is one of the few in Illinois that runs east and west instead of north and south. (Don't ask me why.)

* And as I mentioned, I'll be out of town but will have my picks for next weekend by Wednesday. Quarterfinals already?

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