Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A week ago, I voted for...

...Barack Obama for president of the United States. Surprised? (Actually, I voted on October 27 when my son was home from school.)

But for whom should I have voted? According to a piece in Sunday's Times, married college-educated white men of my age and income who live in the suburbs and consider themselves political  "independents" voted for Mitt Romney.

(The only category in which I didn't fit was "Religion." While I would consider myself "none of the above," the graph didn't list that. "Catholics" -- how I was raised -- voted for Obama, 50-48 percent, although 59 percent of white Catholics backed Romney.)

To be fair, those with graduate degrees (I have an MBA -- somehow) voted for the president, as did self-described "Democrats," of which I am probably one. But I find it a little interesting how out of step I am with my "tribe."

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Ed Crotty said...

The inate racism of the white public is shocking. Romney told blatant lies over and over and yet they supported him over 60%. Unless your income is over $250K, the only reason to vote for Romney over Obama is racism.
The Tea party had no problem with Runaway spending under Reagan or Bush, but when the brown guy is in the Oval Office it is a problem.