Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Really Unfortunate Company...

...Name of the Day belongs to Hiscox Holdings Ltd., named after Ralph Hiscox, above.

According to Wikipedia:

The roots of the company lie with the Roberts agency, which commenced underwriting marine insurance at the Lloyd's market in 1901. In 1946 Ralph Hiscox, who had joined the agency as an underwriter of non-marine insurance eight years earlier, formed the Roberts & Hiscox partnership for the purposes of managing syndicates at Lloyd's. 

In 1987 the firm reorganised - a holding company, Hiscox Holdings Ltd, was established for the group, which comprised the subsidiaries Hiscox Syndicates (for managing syndicates) and Roberts & Hiscox (for introducing and advising members of the Lloyd's market). 

Who, besides Mr. Hiscox, do you suppose thought Hiscox would be a better name for the company than Roberts?

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