Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Remember how, back in 2007...

...everyone knew -- just knew -- that a first-term black Senator from Illinois with the middle name "Hussein" and a last name rhyming with "Osama" would be the next president of the United States? What? You didn't know that? Did you think it would be someone like Hillary Clinton or John McCain?

How about last year? Wasn't it painfully obvious that a buffoon billionaire reality television show host with no political experience whatsoever would be the next commander in chief? Or that a 75-year-old Jewish socialist from Vermont would make a serious run for the Democratic nomination? What, did you think it would be someone else, like Jeb Bush or -- again -- Hillary Clinton? Who would think such a thing?

That's why I think the next president is likely someone who's not on anyone's radar just yet.

Consider Pete Buttigieg (above), the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, for example. Who? TPM had a piece on him yesterday. What, you think the country's not ready for a gay man of Maltese descent? Maybe you're right. But I'll bet the next president is someone no one is talking about right now. 

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