Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today is Super Tuesday, of...

...course, and Illinois is one of five big states holding primaries. I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton (and I suppose I really should write a post as to why).

In the meantime, what caught my eye this morning was that, according to PredictIt and PredictWise, Hillary is only a slight favorite over Bernie Sanders in her home state of Illinois. What? How can that be? It explains why the former First Lady and senator and secretary of State (and Park Ridge native and Maine South alum) was campaigning here as recently as yesterday.

Could Mrs. Clinton lose in Illinois today? Will this be another Michigan? Can Sen. Sanders, a 74-year-old Jewish socialist from Vermont, get the Democratic nomination for president? Could he actually get elected?

I've read that, just like Butch Coolidge in Pulp Fiction, Bernie Sanders has been underestimated his entire career.

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