Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bobby Jindal has to be... of the most clueless individuals around. After leaving Louisiana in an absolute mess, the former governor appeared on MTP Daily yesterday to essentially tell Chuck Todd that Republican voters were wrong to choose Donald Trump over a safe, establishment candidate such as -- oh, I don't know -- him.

Seven months ago, Jindal said:

Donald Trump is non-serious, he is a carnival act, he is shallow, there is no substance, he doesn't know anything about policy, he has no idea what he's talking about, he makes it up on the fly. Trump is a narcissist and he's an ego maniac, and like all narcissists, he's insecure and weak.

Yesterday, Jindal told Chuck Todd:

I still don't think Donald Trump is a conservative. I think he's done a brilliant job of tapping into the middle class voter's anxiety.

But he's not really a conservative.

Jindal said Trump isn't for entitlement reform, doesn't necessarily stand with Israel and talks about the government taking over health care.

But then he said, "when huge chunks of your base are telling you something you have to listen to them." Jindal concedes it would be "hypocritical to have an election and ignore the results."

Jindal then goes on to ignore the results.

According to him, Republican voters "want freedom and opportunity," so "conservatives have an obligation to speak directly to those middle class voters. It's not enough to tell them we're going to shrink government, cut taxes and go after the EPA, we have to show them why our policies lead to opportunity and growth. Our conservative policies are good for everybody."

In other words, Jindal knows what Republican voters really want (even if they don't); the problem is he's not speaking LOUD enough.

Finally, Jindal reiterates that Trump is "completely wrong on a whole lot of issues," including Israel, entitlements and global trade agreements.

Oh, but of course he'll support Donald Trump in the fall. Oy!

P. S. Jindal makes reference at one point to a "fiction novel." Is there any other kind? (I know; cheap shot.)

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Ed Crotty said...

As Trump has gained momentum - due to his nationalist ( and let's be honest, racist ) positions, he has been freed from kowtowing to anything "conservative". Trump has shown that a majority of "conservatives" just want to turn back the hands of time to where white folks were in control and didn't have to worry about being "politically correct" (i.e. not insulting women and minorities ). Trump supporters want to feel that they are "special" and better than than 1) everyone abroad and 2) everyone in America who is not White and Christian, and either Male or Married. Everyone else is "undeserving".