Monday, March 28, 2016

Here's an incredibly boring...

...piece on an incredibly boring topic that I couldn't even bring myself to read, "Why Hillary Won't Be Indicted and Shouldn't Be: An Objective Legal Analysis," with the subtitle, "There is no reason to think that Clinton committed any crimes with respect to the use of her email server." It's by some guy named Richard O. Lempert, the Eric Stein Distinguished University Professor of Law and Sociology emeritus at the University of Michigan. Yawn.

I only link to it because I can't get over how many people think Mrs. Clinton should and/or will be indicted over this email "scandal." Good grief! I don't know anything about it but just ask yourself this question, If there was any chance -- any chance at all -- that Hillary would be indicted, don't you think Joe Biden (or someone else) would have run for president, just in case?

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