Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Don't look now, but...

...Donald Trump is even moving up on the betting websites. This morning the Donald is still in third place on Paddy Power, behind Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, but he's gaining:

Bush: 6/4
Walker: 4/1
Trump: 9/2

Everyone's been expecting the GOP race to come down to some "movement" candidate, like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, vs. the "establishment" candidate, i. e., Jeb. But with Walker fading and Trump rising, is it really so hard to see a two-man fight between Trump and Jeb?*

* While I always assumed Jeb would be the establishment candidate (with Marco Rubio waiting in the wings as a spare), I noticed John Kasich picked up an endorsement Monday from Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley. Who the heck is he? you're probably wondering. Good question. But if Jeb were truly the establishment choice he would be getting endorsements from sitting governors like Bentley, not someone else. So what does it all mean? The establishment slot may still be up for grabs.

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