Friday, August 7, 2015

Here's my overnight review...

...of last night's debate and some (very) preliminary impressions. (In a nutshell: Rubio, Huckabee, Christie and Kasich did themselves the most good.)

Fox News: Amateurish, especially at first, but the three questioners settled down and did well enough.

Donald Trump: Not the right venue for the Donald. He couldn't have been comfortable sharing a stage with nine other people and standing silent and off-camera for much of the time. I doubt if he helped himself last night and wouldn't be too surprised if he passed on future debates.

Jeb Bush: I can't believe this guy raised over $100 million. The big-money people are betting on him? While he didn't do any major damage to his candidacy, he looked nervous and awkward much of the time. Jeb hardly looks like a front-runner; no wonder he didn't scare anyone out of the race.

Scott Walker: Just as I suspected, the Wisconsin governor blended in to the background. It may be unfair to say this, but he just doesn't look very bright to me. I still think if he wins Iowa he'll be One and Done.

Ted Cruz: The most cynical man on the stage. The freshman senator from Texas just doesn't strike me as believing much of what he says; he's too smart. Instead he seems to be pandering to the rubes.

Mike Huckabee: Came across a little kooky to me, but the Republican Party base probably ate it up. He's very comfortable on stage and in front of the camera.

Ben Carson: Seriously, what is this guy even doing on the stage? Shouldn't he have been at the earlier debate? I'd be surprised if the famous surgeon isn't out of the race by Christmastime.

Marco Rubio: May have helped himself more than anyone else last night. He came across as polished, well-spoken and confident. I wonder if he can break out, though, with Jeb and his money dominating the establishment lane.

Rand Paul: Reminded me of someone's little brother who's always picking fights. The freshman senator from Kentucky didn't come across as presidential. He doesn't seem to enjoy the game, either; I still say Paul may go home to Bowling Green after only one term in the Senate.

Chris Christie: Also helped himself last night. If Bridgegate turns out to be a nothing burger he may yet have a good run and even end up in someone's cabinet (attorney general?). If nothing else, the New Jersey governor may be salvaging his reputation. And he's still young enough to be well-positioned for 2020 if Hillary wins (which she will).

John Kasich: Did very well for a closet Democrat before a hometown crowd. He won't appeal to the base but could be an excellent choice for V. P., especially since the Republicans need to carry Ohio. Only problem is that it means the GOP ticket would consist of two boring old white guys.

P. S. I may edit this piece as further impressions come to me.


Ed Crotty said...

Kasich is the only one who would not *immediately* run the country into a ditch. As such, he has no chance at the nomination.

Ed Crotty said...

Kasich is the only one who would not *immediately* run the country into a ditch. As such, he has no chance at the nomination.