Friday, August 7, 2015

When I was in business... we were taught never to cry over spilt milk. In other words, don't cling to a bad investment; don't throw good money after bad; be dispassionate and cut your losses; move on to the next opportunity. 

Or as they used to say on the Merc floor, "I love my wife; I like my position."

I thought of this after watching last night's debate in which the front-runner -- you know, the guy who's raised $100 million from some of the richest Americans -- underwhelmed while two other establishment candidates, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, shined in comparison. (A third, Chris Christie, didn't look so bad either.)

But I wonder: will any of the savvy businessmen and women heed the advice given by my Kellogg professors? Or will they double down (is anyone else getting tired of that overused term?) and ride this horse into the ground? In contrast to Rubio and Kasich, I thought Jeb! looked nervous, uncomfortable, awkward and just plain lacking in confidence. 

Did the one percent act too hastily?

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