Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rand Paul will never be president.


And if you watch this interview with CNBC's Kelly Evans, it's really, really hard to imagine him even getting the Republican nomination in 2016.

Come on, Sen. Paul, this is hardly a "hardball" interview! (At one point, he accuses Ms. Evans of being "argumentative.") 

If a candidate is that thin-skinned, that prickly, that unable to handle an interview on a business channel, what chance does he have to run the gauntlet of a presidential campaign? (It's only 2015, for crying out loud! The race hasn't even begun yet!)

This is the same guy, you may remember, who blamed Rachel Maddow for his antediluvian views on civil rights.

Seriously, I wonder if Dr. Paul will even run for reelection to the Senate.

Here's the full interview:

This illustrates a big problem for Republicans: They're too used to speaking only to each other.

And it's where Fox "News" has ended up doing such a disservice to the party. If you spend all your time preaching to the choir on Fox, it gets really difficult to talk to the rest of America. The electorate in this country is much more than just the Republican Party base.

If this is any indication, the 2016 general election is going to go an awful lot like the one in 2012, with the same result for the GOP.

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