Friday, February 6, 2015

Just like Andrew Sullivan...

...I'm quitting blogging. But, unlike Andrew Sullivan,* it will only be for a week or so.

I'm flying to California, the Golden State, today. Or do you call it the El Dorado State? Or the Eureka State? Los Angeles, to be specific -- L. A., La La Land, the City of Angels, Southland, the City of Flowers and Sunshine, Lotusland, Lotusville, Double Dubuque, El Pueblo (Spanish for "The Town"; I especially like that one), or, finally, the Big Orange.

Is that because New York calls itself the Big Apple and LA had to counter with another fruit of some kind? Or is it because of all the oranges that grow there? Or because of the smog, as in the picture above? (By the way, I've been out to LA three, four or five times and I've never seen this smog they talk about. Does it still exist?)

Actually, I'll be visiting my son in West Hollywood, or WeHo as the locals call it. Or Hollyweird or Tinseltown. (Okay; I'll stop.)

I'll be out of (blogging) commission until at least the 19th; I'm traveling from LA to Cheyenne, Wyoming next Monday. I figure we could all use a break from each other anyway. But I'll still be recording my trip on Twitter; you can follow my exploits (with pictures!) in real time @BoringOldWhtGuy.

And I have quite an agenda planned! It involves a pilgrimage to Hawthorne, CA, where Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys grew up; a stop at the original Brady Bunch house in Studio City; at least one high school basketball game (of course); a day trip to Pasadena to see an old friend from grade school/high school/college/the Merc and my cousin (whom I haven't seen -- literally -- in decades) and much, much more. (You'll find out when I find out.) Oh, and all the while I'll be living out my own personal version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

But I really hope to just get some rest, enjoy the weather and spend some quality time with my son. (It's his 25th birthday tomorrow.) So follow me on Twitter if you want or just wait until I get back and I'll fill you in on all my adventures.

'Til then: mahalo, mahalo. (I know; that's Hawaiian. Sue me.)

* Sullivan's last day is today; what timing!

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Ed Crotty said...

Did you really quit??