Wednesday, January 7, 2015

With all the hoopla...

...this week over Mike Huckabee's probable run for president in 2016 (in which I have certainly contributed in my own small way), it's important to note that according to Paddy Power (the best reality check I can think of at this point in the campaign), the odds of the former governor of Arkansas winning the nomination are still only 25/1 -- exactly where they were last week. That has Huckabee tied not only with Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry, but also with Rob Portman (who's already announced he's not running) and Michael Bloomberg, whom I haven't heard mentioned as a possible candidate anywhere.

The top five leaders remain:

1. Jeb Bush 9/4
2. Marco Rubio 11/2
3. Rand Paul 6/1
4. Chris Christie 13/2
5. Mitt Romney 10/1

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