Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In 2008, Mike Huckabee...

...surprised almost everyone by winning the Iowa Caucuses. (And, yes, that's Chuck Norris behind him -- he's a big supporter.) In fact, the former governor of Arkansas got more votes in Iowa than any Republican ever, before or since. But despite winning a number of other primaries that year, Huck had trouble raising money and eventually dropped out of the race.

Recently, Huckabee announced he was leaving Fox News to consider a run for the 2016 GOP nomination. Huck will most likely be joining a crowded field and several observers think he has a good chance to take Iowa again and be a factor in the race.

But I can't help wondering if maybe -- just maybe -- Huckabee missed his best chance in 2012. Remember that year? Many Republicans were looking for anyone other than Mitt Romney to be the nominee. And according to John Heilemann of Bloomberg, the Obama campaign feared Huck more than any other Republican, including Romney.

In 2008, Huck had that "new car smell" that just might not be there this time around. Will all those Iowans who voted for him last time want to "waste" their ballots on a guy who can't raise money and go the distance? Or will they give one of the newcomers a chance, such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or even Ben Carson?

Last week I asked if Chris Christie missed his "sell by" date. Did Mike Huckabee miss his?

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