Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prediction: Marco Rubio...

...won't run for president in 2016.

Why not? The field is just too large; his mentor, Jeb Bush, is in it; the GOP candidate will probably lose anyway (although I'm sure no Republican thinks so); he's still young; and he'll probably just opt for the safer choice, reelection to the Senate. (He's a career politician, remember?)

Now that's not to say that Rubio won't tease everyone for a while (gotta sell some books) or that he wouldn't be open to a vice presidential nomination.

Although with whom would he run? I don't think the Constitution allows two from the same state -- seriously -- so he couldn't be Jeb's running mate. Mitt Romney? Perhaps. If Mitt got beat again Rubio would be the instant frontrunner for 2020. (And if there's a recession in Hillary's first term, well...)

But I couldn't see Rubio running with any of the second-tier candidates like Chris Christie, Rand Paul or Scott Walker, for example -- he'd want to be at the top of the ticket, wouldn't he? (Although Al Gore swallowed his pride and ran with Bill Clinton. So did LBJ with JFK.)

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Bottom line: I'll bet Rubio doesn't make the run.

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