Thursday, September 18, 2014

Someone once told me...

...that the definition of a mixed marriage is when a Mount Carmel alum marries a girl whose father and brothers went to St. Rita.

With that in mind I give you tomorrow night's Game of the Week, Mount Carmel (1-2) at St. Rita (3-0).

Unless, of course, you're a DVC fan, in which case you'll want to check out Naperville Central (2-1) at Wheaton Warrenville South (1-2). Or if you live up north and want to see Lake Forest (3-0) at Stevenson (3-0).

But that's it -- for Friday. (I'll have three more games for Saturday tomorrow.)

But I'll be down at 77th and Western tomorrow (the former site of Quigley South) to see if Rita can extend its record to a perfect 4-0. As for Carmel, can the Caravan possibly go 1-3? Could they miss the playoffs this year? And if so, will the earth continue to rotate on its axis? (Those are all legitimate questions.)

I'll also be sitting on the west side of the stadium among all the Rita fans and their eighth-grade sons in their St. Barnabas and Christ the King jerseys. I can usually be found on the home side at games because you can sit higher up and see better. Also, I'll be on the Rita side Friday night because -- let's face it -- I like to watch the New York Yankees get beat. (I once even saw Mount Carmel coach Frank Lenti wearing a Yankees hat in the stands at Loyola. In the immortal words of Jack Paar, "I kid you not.")

So the question is, can Rita avenge last year's two losses to the Caravan? In the last ten years, Carmel owns the series, 7-5 (as best as I can tell). Home team in CAPS:

2013: MOUNT CARMEL 20, St. Rita 15
           Mount Carmel 24, ST. RITA 3
2012: MOUNT CARMEL 27, St. Rita 0
2011: ST. RITA 17, Mount Carmel 7
2010: ST. RITA 35, Mount Carmel 14
2009: St. Rita 54, MOUNT CARMEL 26
2008: ST. RITA 35, Mount Carmel 21
2007: MOUNT CARMEL 35, St. Rita 19
2006: ST. RITA 7, Mount Carmel 6
2005: MOUNT CARMEL 21, St. Rita 20
2004: Mount Carmel 20, ST. RITA 14
            Mount Carmel 42, ST. RITA 35

This year, of course, Mount Carmel has lost to two tough opponents and beat 0-3 Morgan Park:

St. Joseph's Prep (PA) 28, Mount Carmel 27 (Toyota Park, and I was there.)
Mount Carmel 43, MORGAN PARK 6
PROVIDENCE 33, Mount Carmel 14

St. Rita, on the other hand, is undefeated against two good teams and 1-2 Dunbar:

St. Rita 28, Simeon 26 (Toyota Park)
ST. RITA 56, Dunbar 8
ST. RITA 21, Montini 0

Who wins this one? I haven't seen Rita play this year but I have seen Carmel. And, while I never root for Notre Dame or the New York Yankees, I hate to bet against them.

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