Friday, May 24, 2013

Leonard Marsh, one of the founders...

...of Snapple, died at age 80. It mentioned in his obit that Marsh's father was a "cobbler." And I've often wondered, what the heck does a cobbler actually do?

I was reminded of the scene which preceded the one above from Seinfeld, "The Mom and Pop Store":

KRAMER: Jerry, you know that shoe repair place at the end of the block? Well, if they don't get some business, they're gonna have to shut down and make way for one of those gourmet coffee or cookie stores.

ELAINE: I like coffee.

GEORGE: I like <imitates Kramer> "cookies."

KRAMER: Yeah, of course you do. And do you know why? Because you're a bunch of yuppies. It's your go-go corporate takeover lifestyles that are driving out these Mom and Pop stores and destroying the fabric of this neighborhood.

GEORGE: Well, what's so great about a Mom and Pop store? Let me tell you something. If my Mom and Pop ran a store, I wouldn't shop there.

KRAMER: Hey, Bogambo - they've been in the neighborhood for 48 years. Now, come on, Jerry. You've gotta have a pair of shoes in need of a cobblin.'

JERRY: I really don't wear the kind of shoes that have to be cobbled.

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