Saturday, October 30, 2010

#2 Glenbard West shut down Kapri Bibbs...

...and #7 Plainfield North, 51-12. The Hilltoppers will play #3 Lincoln-Way East next week.

I had read that Bill Duchon Field at Glenbard West High School was named by USA Today as one of the top ten places to watch a high school football game. That, combined with a beautiful forecast and the chance to see Kapri Bibbs, one of the best running backs in the state of Illinois, was enough to bring me out to Glen Ellyn today. I wasn't disappointed.

Glen Ellyn is absolutely gorgeous -- very hilly and wooded. And Glenbard West (above) is a charming school, built in 1922 with dark red brick in a castle-like design at the top of Honeysuckle Hill, hence the nickname "Hilltoppers." (The football team seems to have its own nickname, the "Hitters.")

Bill Duchon Field (above) sits in the shadow of the main school building, in a hollow that was once home to Lake Ellyn. A smaller version of the lake remains beyond the northeast corner, surrounded by quaint homes and trees. Unlike most high school stadiums I've been, it isn't the least bit windy; it reminded me of York High School in Elmhurst. Oh, and you know you're in the right place when you see a Vienna hot dog cart as you approach the entrance. (I felt compelled to sample one of the vendor's wares at halftime and it was quite good, I am happy to report.)

On the drive out to Glen Ellyn, all I could think was, this Plainfield North team sounds like a one-trick pony -- Kapri Bibbs and that's it. If the Hilltoppers can just key on him the game will be over.

So imagine my surprise when Glenbard West opened the game by kicking to Bibbs! What is Coach Hetlet thinking? But the pigskin sailed over Bibbs's head for a touchback. Lucky for the Hilltoppers!

Well, let's see, who do you think they'll give the ball to on the first play? Sure enough, it was Bibbs. And what do you suppose he did? Scampered 80 yards for a touchdown -- on the first play from scrimmage! Hoo-boy! This is going to be a good 'n!

Gee, coach, didn't you watch any films of this team? Don't you at least read Boring Old White Guy?

But the Hilltoppers had a few tricks up their sleeves, as well. And on their second play from scrimmage, their stud running back, Nick Burrello (above), ran about 70 yards for a touchdown.

What, are these guys just going to trade touchdowns all day? Well, not exactly. Glenbard West held the Tigers on the next series and Burrello scored again for the Hilltoppers. After recovering an onside kick and scoring again to make it 19-6, it became clear it was just a question of time. Bibbs just couldn't get it going, the Glenbard West linemen were bigger -- on both sides of the ball -- and the contest turned out to be a mismatch.

But I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

In other Saturday afternoon games:

Class 8A:

#4 Maine South blanked #13 Notre Dame, 47-0. Next game for the Hawks will be #5 Bartlett.

#2 Loyola shut out # 15 Whitney Young, 42-0. The Ramblers will play #10 Fremd next week.

Class 7A:

#3 Minooka beat #5 Quincy, 26-7. #2 Plainfield South will be next for the Indians.

Class 6A:

#13 Fenwick fell to #4 Prairie Ridge, 35-26. (Who? Who cares; it's 6A.)

Class 5A:

#6 Montini defeated #11 St. Francis, 21-14.

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