Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pop quiz: Who's had...

...the most votes so far in this year's primary season?

Ted Cruz? Nope. Although the senator from Texas garnered a total of 7,325,796 votes. That's a lot.

How about Bernie Sanders? No, but at least 9,446,660 voters have felt the Bern this year.

Wait! I know -- how stupid of me -- Donald Trump. Of course! The real estate tycoon and reality television star has attracted all sorts of new voters to the process, right? Well, the Donald has 10,717,357 votes to his credit. That's a lot, too. But not the most.

No, it seems that boring ol' Hillary Clinton got the most voters to come out and cast their ballots for her, 12,561,272 of them, to be exact.

While this year's story seems to be about the Angry Voter, maybe it should really be about the Silent Majority. You know, the one that's probably going to put Hillary in the White House in November.


Ed Crotty said...

Nixon's "Silent Majority" turned into "Reagan Democrats" - they should have been called "white resentment voters" or "soft racists" or "NASCAR Dads". They definitely are with Trump - they are his base. But they are neither Silent, nor a Majority.

I agree with you that there is a new Silent Majority with Hillary, and she will win. I don't see any folks who voted for Obama voting for Trump.

James said...

To me, the issue with Hillary isn't that she's boring but that she's an insecure hawk that still hasn't learned the lessons from Iraq. Not to mention that her attitudes toward corporate america makes her appear more like a republican than anything else. It really feels like a false choice this year between conservative and crazy.

James said...
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Ed Crotty said...

I think you need to consider that the Clintons have always been very adept at finding the center of any issue and then occupying it. As such, they are holding up a mirror to the electorate. And the center in 2003 was totally for invading Iraq. Just as the center in 1994 (?) was for increasing prison sentences for "superpredators". The Clintons are good politicians - and that means that they follow public opinion AT LEAST as much as they "lead" - and probably a LOT more.

James said...

Public opinion may have been for invading Iraq but that was based on doctored evidence that Hillary should have been smart enough to see through. Instead she let her insecurity over being seen as weak cloud her better judgement. There was also little to no awareness of the conflict in Libya. According to the thorough nytimes article on the topic, her interest in that fray seemed to be motivated by her insecurity over not being in the inner circle of the Obama administration. Her chastising Trump over not releasing tax returns is also laughable when she does not release her highly paid speeches to Wall St.