Thursday, May 26, 2016

Andrew Card, President...

...George W. Bush's chief of staff is the latest name to surface in the speculation surrounding Donald Trump's running mate. TRUMP/CARD. Get it?

Don't blame me for that; it's from a piece in USA Today, "VP Power Rankings: Corker tops list, Gingrich back in play."

The article mentions a number of the usual suspects, including Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, former House speaker Newt Gingrich, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, and Sen. Tim Scott and Gov. Nikki Haley, both of South Carolina.

And I thought it might be useful to divide the various possibilities into two categories, those thought to have a future in politics, such as:

Corker, Ernst, Kasich, Rubio, Walker, Scott and Haley.

And those who, let's face it, don't:

Gingrich, Christie and Brewer.

Why is this important? Because if someone with a real future accepts the VP nomination with Trump it means Republicans think the Donald has at least a fighting chance. But if he ends up picking someone like Newt Gingrich, well, bet the ranch on Hillary crushing Trump in November. No one with a future in Republican politics is going to want to hitch his or her wagon to Trump if he's going to just crash and burn in the fall. This could be the best indication of what Washington insiders are really thinking.

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