Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I first heard Sen. Bob Corker...

...mentioned by Jonathan Alter on MTP Daily as a possible running mate for Donald Trump. Now I hear Dan Senor predict Corker on With All Due Respect. (These are two people worth listening to.)

So where is the Tennessee senator in the betting markets? Well, on Paddy Power he's in fifth place at 9/1 odds:

Newt Gingrich, 13/8
Scott Brown, 7/2
Joni Ernst, 6/1
John Kasich, 8/1
Bob Corker, 9/1

I'm not sure if Sen. Corker would want the job or not -- are you kidding? He'd grab it with both hands! -- but I think the Republican establishment is desperate to have one of their own on the ticket to hopefully "influence" the Donald in the right direction. Kasich clearly doesn't want it, and the first three on the list don't impress me as serious candidates. (Come on, Newt Gingrich?) After Corker, you have to go all the way down to Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, at 25/1 odds, to find someone else that's credible.

Right now it looks as though Corker may turn out to be the guy asked to "take one for the team."

P. S. I also heard Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana mentioned. He's at 33/1 odds.

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