Monday, January 18, 2016

I only watched the first half...

...of the debate last night, but here's where things stand on Paddy Power with two weeks to go: Hillary wins Iowa, Bernie takes New Hampshire and Mrs. Clinton wins the nomination (and the general election).


Hillary 4/9
Bernie 13/8

New Hampshire:

Bernie 1/3
Hillary 15/8

Democratic nomination:

Hillary 2/9
Bernie 3/1

General election:

Hillary Clinton 10/11
Donald Trump 7/2
Bernie Sanders 6/1
Marco Rubio 6/1
Ted Cruz 10/1

Winning party:

Democrat 8/13
Republican 5/4

Now, admittedly, if Bernie wins both Iowa and New Hampshire the party bigwigs will go into full-out panic (including me). But, until and unless that happens, this is what the "smart" money is saying. (Forget the polls.) Don't agree? Then place your bets!

P. S. I had a guy on Twitter tell me recently that Rand Paul is going to win Iowa. He said the Kentucky senator has a "better ground game than Rubio, Cruz, Trump or Bush." Right now Dr. Paul is a 66/1 long-shot on Paddy Power. I told him if he's right he could cash in big time.

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