Saturday, January 23, 2016

Did I just notice...

...that Paddy Power has odds on the next vice presidential candidates too? (Has this been there all along? I don't think so.)

Anyway, Julian Castro, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, is the odds-on favorite to be Hillary Clinton's running mate, while South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is Donald Trump's.

Here are the top three in each (with my thoughts in italics):


Julian Castro, 5/2
Young, Hispanic, offsets Marco Rubio.

Tim Kaine, 6/1
I've read that Virginia is expected to be the most crucial state this time around.

Martin O'Malley, 8/1
Consolation prize for working so hard?


Nikki Haley, 4/1
Shores up any Republican candidate with women and people of color.

Marco Rubio, 5/1
Been talked about forever: young, Hispanic and from Florida.

Ted Cruz, 7/1
Only if Cruz comes up short and strikes a deal at the convention.

John Kasich, 7/1
Republicans can't win the White House without Ohio.

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