Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Glenn Frey, founding...

... member of the Eagles, died at age 67.

One of my (many) complaints about "terrestrial radio" is that I can't bring myself to listen to one more song by bands like the Beatles or the Eagles.* (Could we please retire "Breakfast with the Beatles"? Please?)** Even though they made great music they've been so overplayed I usually switch stations when one of their hits comes on the air. (Although I still turn it up for the Doors.)

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised to read that, according to his obit in the Times, the Eagles "sold more records than any other band in the 1970s." 

And when I went looking for a good song to accompany this post I ended up on YouTube for at least an hour, listening to old Eagles songs. Yeah, they may be overplayed, but they were still great.

P. S. In a little piece of trivia, Mr. Frey grew up in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, Michigan, which was also the home of Father Charles Coughlin, the Glenn Beck of the 1920s and '30s.

* I only have satellite radio in one of my cars. I really don't drive enough to justify the cost in the other. 

** The Fab Four recently announced they would be streaming their music for the first time. And people were excited! Finally -- finally! -- they can listen to "She Loves You" or "Can't Buy Me Love" or "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Seriously? You haven't heard those songs a thousand times already? Psst! Turn on any radio station any time of the day -- or just get in an elevator -- and you can hear the Beatles. Let's move on, people.

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