Tuesday, December 8, 2015

You'll never guess...

...who the most admired male politician is among Republican voters. Yep, incredibly, it's President Obama, at a lofty eight percent. (George W. Bush was next, at three percent.) Don't believe me? I wouldn't either, but I read it this morning in a piece in FiveThirtyEight, "How Republicans And Polls Enable Donald Trump." (Here's the original Gallup poll.)

But here's a question for you: Should you really be surprised by this? And the answer is: Hell yes! 

I watched Fox with my mother and sister last week and I can attest it's all Obama-bashing all the time. Lower gas prices? Won't hear about it on Fox. Good jobs number on Friday? No mention at all. Nope, it's non-stop wall-to-wall Obama-hating! No wonder these people have such a warped view of reality.

But, on second thought, maybe we shouldn't be so surprised. (Yes, we should.) One thing this poll underscores is something I've been thinking for some time now: one of the (many) problems with the Republican Party is that they have no leadership. George H. W. Bush? Bob Dole? George W. Bush? John McCain? Mitt Romney? Mitch McConnell? Paul Ryan? Reince Priebus? (Who?) All of them polled lower than the skinny socialist Muslim atheist black guy with the funny name from Kenya who is bent on destroying our American Way of Life.

No wonder a clown like Trump is leading in the polls.

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