Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Before I leave... visit my mother in Minnesota (she'll be 96 on the 11th -- can you believe it?), here's the latest from PaddyPower on the Republican race for president. (The betting odds appear next to each candidate's name and the comments in italics are my own.)

1. Marco Rubio 5/4
The establishment favorite?

2. Donald Trump 3/1
Is he for real?

3. Ted Cruz 11/2
Will the freshman senator from Texas end up as the conservative alternative to Rubio?

4. Jeb Bush 6/1
Needs a good showing -- BADLY -- in New Hampshire. What if he doesn't get it? Dead man walking?

5. Chris Christie 16/1
Just got the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader; dark horse?

6. Ben Carson 22/1
Could still do well in Iowa, but fading fast. Like Trump, the retired surgeon is out of his depth; but unlike Trump, people seem to care.

7. John Kasich 25/1
Also needs a good showing in New Hampshire or else he's probably out.

8. Carly Fiorina 40/1
Only seems to attract attention during debates. 

There are no new polls out, so that will have to tide you over. Blogging should resume on Sunday or Monday.

P. S. This just in -- a new poll.

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