Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I didn't see the debate...

...last night, but the betting markets this morning are affirming what many people have been saying lately: the Republican nomination is coming down to a three-man race -- Rubio, Trump and Cruz. The latest from PaddyPower (with odds and my thoughts in italics):

1. Marco Rubio, 6/4
Down a touch from last Friday's 11/8.
2. Donald Trump, 9/4
Holding steady.
3. Ted Cruz, 3/1
Up from 5/1; coming on strong in Iowa.

4. Chris Christie, 10/1
Up from 12/1; New Hampshire dark horse?
5. Jeb Bush, 10/1
Fading fast. Wow; what happened to the early front-runner?

6. Ben Carson, 66/1
Fading really fast. Might not get a "ticket" out of Iowa.

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