Friday, September 11, 2015

When I wrote yesterday...

...that Jeb Bush's tax plan was a "breathtaking wet kiss to the rich" I thought about going back and changing it. I try to avoid hyperbole; I really do. While professional writers can get away with it, I'm just a blogger in a bathrobe. (Literally; it's seersucker. I haven't changed back to flannel just yet.)

But then I read a piece this morning by no less a conservative than Ramesh Ponnuru who writes in Bloomberg (which isn't exactly Mother Jones), "The Problem With Republican Tax Plans" (my emphasis):

All of them would also ensure that the top 1 percent comes out way ahead. Paul's plan, because it would abolish taxes on capital and also lower the top income-tax rate from 43.4 percent to 26.9 percent, would offer them the largest cut. But a rich person whose income comes mostly from investment would pay almost nothing in taxes under Rubio's plan. The Tax Foundation estimates that Bush's plan, leaving aside its possible effects on economic growth, would raise incomes for people in the middle of the spectrum by about 3 percent. For taxpayers in the top 1 percent, though, incomes would go up by 11.6 percent.

Okay, so maybe it isn't so "breathtaking." But it's a wet kiss nonetheless. 

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