Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis addressed...

...Congress yesterday and liberals heard what they heard, conservatives heard what they heard, John Boehner cried his eyes out, and everyone will go back to believing what they believed before he arrived in the U. S. on Tuesday.

Do you really think some Democrat is going to wake up this morning and say, "Gee, maybe I've been wrong on abortion"? Or, "Should we rethink this whole gay marriage thing?" Or do you think a rank-and-file Republican is going to say to his colleagues on Monday, "You know, this pope really had a good point about immigration"? Or, "Maybe selling arms to other countries isn't such a good idea"? Please.

After the Pope leaves on Sunday, those Catholics who were going to Mass last week will continue to go to Mass, those who didn't won't and those who left the church will stay gone. If you used birth control last week you'll continue to use it, if you believed in capital punishment last week you still do, and whether or not you believe man has an impact on climate change will stay the same.

And the Pope? Let's face it: he doesn't really have that much power anyway. While he can change the Church's tone, he really can't change any of the rules. Even if Francis wanted to pick some of the low-hanging fruit, like allowing married couples to use birth control, letting divorced Catholics take Communion, or ordaining women into the priesthood, he couldn't. The Church is like an ocean liner in a small harbor. The Pope can't turn it around because of all the resistance from the clergy and laity. He's just a caretaker for the next pope.

Too cynical?

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