Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is Gov. Bruce Rauner...

...of Illinois paying attention to some of his fellow Republican governors?

The problems of Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas, left, are becoming the stuff of legend and don't need to be recounted here. (I actually feel a little sorry for this guy.)

But an article in Bloomberg today highlights Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's "issues" (my emphasis):

Wisconsin’s projected tax collections probably won’t generate the windfall needed to ease Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget cuts, a blow as the potential Republican presidential candidate presents his state as a laboratory for limited government.

Without changes, the state faces a shortfall that may reach $2.2 billion in two years starting in July, according to Walker’s analysts. Tax cuts supported by Walker and Medicaid spending contributed to the deficit.

His aides have called the projections premature, while Democrats say the figures prove the governor’s policies, especially income and property-tax reductions, turned a $517 million surplus at the end of June into a deficit.

Why do Republicans seem so challenged by basic math? 

Come on, Gov. Rauner, you're obviously a smart guy. Don't be blinded by supply-side ideology. (Even St. Reagan eventually raised taxes.)

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