Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good news for Hillary...

...Clinton and the Democratic Party. Yesterday, a survey on religion in America was released from the Pew Research Center. According to an article in the Times, "Big Drop in Share of Americans Calling Themselves Christian":

Over all, the religiously unaffiliated number 56 million and represent 23 percent of adults, up from 36 million and 16 percent in 2007, Pew estimates. Nearly half of the growth was from atheists and agnostics, whose tallies nearly doubled to 7 percent of adults. The remainder of the unaffiliated, those who describe themselves as having “no particular religion,” were less likely to say that religion was an important part of their lives than eight years ago.

Why is this good news for Hillary and the Democrats? Because according to another recent poll, by Gallup, religion is the single-biggest predictor of one's political affiliation, with the nonreligious most likely to be Democrats.

Until further notice, Hillary beats Jeb.

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