Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Times has two stories...

...on health care today. In the first, "G.O.P. House Members Plan Tour To Test Alternatives on Health Care," Jonathan Weisman writes (my emphasis):

Senior House Republicans -- struggling to find consensus for health care legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act -- are planning to test ideas in April at town-hall-style meetings that could provide a path toward a long-promised alternative to President Obama's signature legislative achievement.

The "House ObamaCare Accountability Project" is still months away from producing actual legislation. With Democrats opposed, Republican leaders will have a hard time finding enough votes for any plan, and Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio remains cool to guaranteeing a vote.

But a road map is developing.

Meanwhile, on the same page, Robert Pear reports, "5 Million Have Enrolled for Coverage Under Health Law, White House Says."

So Republicans are "planning to test ideas in April" but are still "months away from producing actual legislation." And "a road map is developing."

Sorry, guys, but that health care reform ship has already sailed. You should have been doing this stuff five years ago.

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