Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The rankings are in...

...from the three news services I follow.

Despite their big victory over Zion-Benton last week, St. Viator failed to crack the Sun-Times top ten. And Fremd, well, what do they have to do to get Michael O'Brien's respect? Go undefeated?

In the MaxPreps rankings, there's no Simeon, Fremd, Orr or Bogan in the top ten. What? I guess they just have a thing for those downstate teams. But, come on, St. Viator only No. 22? And Loyola No. 24, Fenwick No. 30 and St. Joseph No. 46?

Once again, I think Mike Helfgot has it best. But there remains that lingering question: What are we supposed to do with Curie? Personally, I'd move Loyola and St. Viator up instead.

Tonight I'll be out at Lake Zurich for the St. Viator - Stevenson game. And tomorrow night Highland Park vs. Fremd. (And Friday night ... Fremd vs. Stevenson?)

After watching the Lions just demolish the Zee-Bees in the second half last week, I wonder: Can Roosevelt Smart (above) and Ore Arogundade contain Stevenson's Jalen Brunson and Connor Cashaw? Can Tom Martin handle Parker Nichols under the boards? These two squads match up well. If Smart, who's only a junior, can play like he did Friday night (33 points!), St. Viator just might give Stevenson a run for the money. I'll be live-tweeting the game @BoringOldWhtGuy.

In the meantime, here are the latest rankings:


1. Stevenson (28-1)*
2. Young (24-5) 
3. Marian Catholic (26-2)*
4. Curie (0-26)
5. Orr (22-4) 
6. Simeon (22-4)* 
7. Fremd (27-0)*
8. Bogan (25-5)
9. Morgan Park (18-6)
10. St. Joseph (23-6)


1. Young (24-5) 
2. Stevenson (28-1)*
3. Marian Catholic (26-2)*
4. Orr (22-4)
5. Simeon (22-4)*
6. Morgan Park (18-6) 
7. Loyola (23-5)*
8. Bogan (25-5)
9. St. Joseph (23-6)
10. Fenwick (21-8)


1. Stevenson (27-1)*
2. Springfield Lanphier (27-1)^
3. Young (24-5)
4. Lincoln (30-2)^
5. Curie (20-5)
6. Marian Catholic (25-2)* 
7. Edwardsville (25-2)^
8. Morgan Park (18-5) 
9. Morton (18-4)
10. Benet (20-8)*
And here's last week's.

* Seen 'em.

^ Outside the Chicago area.

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