Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Game of the Week...

...will be the Zion-Benton - Stevenson rematch on Friday night in Lincolnshire. The Zee-Bees won the first meeting, 70-69, on January 10. (And I was there.) This time, however, the Patriots will be at full-strength and playing on their home court. Can Zion-Benton pull off another upset?

I didn't watch a (whole) game last week but went up to Deerfield on Thursday to see Hope Academy at Chicagoland Jewish High School. The contest had been rescheduled (due to the weather?) and I arrived in time to see only the last two minutes. Hope won, 80-65, and the quality (from what I saw) was much, much better than I expected from two such small schools. (I can't find out how big Hope is, but its website boasts that there are only 12 students in a typical class. Chicagoland Jewish lists its enrollment at 169.)

How, I wonder, would one of these teams do against a large public high school? Well, I may find out tonight when the 11-2 Tigers travel to 13-5 Highland Park. (Gotta see undefeated Fremd one of these days, too. They're right in my back yard!)

In the meantime, here are the Top Ten according to the three news services I follow:


1. Curie (18-1)
2. Stevenson (18-1)* 
3. Young (16-5) 
4. Zion-Benton (19-1)* 
5. Marian Catholic (17-2)*  
6. Bogan (22-3) 
7. Simeon (16-4)
8. Orr (17-2) 
9. Fremd (18-0)
10. Loyola (18-2)*


1. Curie (18-1)
2. Young (16-5) 
3. Zion-Benton (19-1)* 
4. Stevenson (18-1)*
5. Marian Catholic (17-2)* 
6. Orr (17-2)
7. Loyola (18-2)* 
8. Fremd (18-0)
9. West Aurora (15-3)
10. Simeon (16-4)


1. Young (15-5)
2. Springfield Lanphier (19-0)^
3. Stevenson (17-1)*
4. Curie (18-1)
5. Marian Catholic (17-2)* 
6. Morgan Park (13-4) 
7. Lincoln (21-2)^ 
8. Simeon (14-3)
9. Bogan (18-4) 
10. Orr (15-2)

And here's last week's.

* Seen 'em.

^ Outside the Chicago area.



Thanks for quick blurb about Chicago Hope Academy. To answer your question, we have about 160 students enrolled this year. Basically the same as Chicagoland Jewish.

Our mens basketball team won their 5th Regional Championship in a row this season. The Eagles are consistently one of the top 1A teams in the state.

We have great facilities for our basketball teams. You should come check out our games. We're located on the near west side of the city, just off the 290.

Mike Tracy said...

I'm planning on it. My wife and I are moving to Little Italy in June. Check out our website sometime: www.jmtf.org.