Friday, February 7, 2014

I just stumbled upon...

...a new poll from a company called Gravis Marketing. After I got past the part about the 2016 Republican nomination, I began to realize just who had been sampled -- the GOP base. Check out the answers to a few of these questions:

68 percent of those surveyed believe New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did not order the George Washington Bridge closed to punish his political opponents; 77 percent support drug testing for welfare benefits, including food stamps; 84 percent would not support amnesty for illegal aliens (love the way that one was worded); 87 percent think the United States is on the wrong track; and -- surprise! -- 88 percent are white and 45 percent are over the age of 65.

Okay, you may be thinking, what are you getting at? And the answer is, a plurality also supports expanded background checks for gun purchases!

So, even with the numbers from this crowd, we still can't make any headway on gun safety?

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