Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The quote of the day...

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.
...is from Ezra Klein's piece in Bloomberg, "AOL's Armstrong Needs Obamacare":

The great mystery of U.S. health care is why the country’s CEOs didn’t demand a single-payer system a long time ago. It’s an unending distraction -- and cost drag -- for companies to employ expensive human-resources divisions to negotiate with insurers and hospitals, manage health-care costs, and field questions and concerns from employees. Companies that are great at making cars or buildings or accounting software can’t survive if they’re not also successful at managing health insurance.

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Ed Crotty said...

We see over and over that people are not rational. Red State governors turning down billions in free medicaid. Poor white trash voting for Tea Baggers to cut their benefits. These guys follow what they read in the WSJ and on the golf course, and at the Koch's in Palm Springs. This is not rational- it is tribal. This is emotional, lizard-brain stuff. Companies with real, global sense get it - GM's new plants for many years have all been in Canada. But they don't talk about it because it riles up the wingnuts.